Why the name BlackDog Pet Photography?  Because there really is a black dog...and her name is Skyla!

Taking a rest after a long walk at Lake Massabesic in New Hampshire.

Hey there! 

I'm Brian K. Brown, a passionate, self-taught New England based photographer currently residing in Southern New Hampshire.  And that black dog with me in the picture?  Yes, that is Skyla!  Skyla is a black female Newfoundland that has been my faithful companion since 2004, and my absolute favorite subject to photograph!  Whether we're out walking on trails, at the beach, or simply lounging around the yard, Skyla realizes that the camera will be making an appearance!  No doubt about it.....Skyla is the inspiration for BlackDog Pet Photography!

I get a lot of joy from photographing and sharing pictures of Skyla with family and friends and on various social networking and photography sites.  If you love your pet as much as I do, you know the true pleasure of not only capturing and sharing images, but also being able to look back at those precious moments with our furry friends.

I welcome the opportunity to help create those memorable images of your pets, for you!   Please contact us today for a custom photo session.

You can find more information about me and more examples of my photography at these various social media sites below.

Thanks for stopping by!